About the TT Lock App

Bluetooth Digital Smart Door

What is the TT Lock App For?

The TT Lock App is a management software product designed specifically for smart locks. When you’re within a 2-metre range of your smart lock, a simple tap on your phone using Bluetooth will unlock your door.

The app allows you to create, share, and manage all keys. The TT Lock App can be used to operate a range of smart locks, including safe locks, door locks, parking locks, bicycle locks, and more. You can also use the lock to manage history in real time by recording entrances and exits within the App.

Your smart lock can be controlled over Wi-Fi when the gateway has been added, allowing you to share e-keys from anywhere in the world. A safety feature of the App allows you to facilitate automatic locking after your smart lock has been unlocked, thus customizing the time limit. Another safety feature is that you’ll know well in advance when your smart lock battery is almost depleted, which reduces the worry that your smart lock battery will drain without you being aware.

How To Use Your TT Lock App

Many people use smart door locks. You may be wondering why smart door locks are called ‘smart’ locks and the answer is very simple. Yes, they’re smart because they offer keyless access, but they also offer a simple way to both manage and monitor smart locks in a way that’s easy and convenient to use.

But there’s more! Most smart locks are supported by the TT Lock App. This innovative App manages lock operations and assists with the management of smart door locks in a very efficient manner.

There are many more features to the TT Lock App than simply unlocking doors and providing a range of modes to access your smart lock. So let’s take a closer look at these clever innovative features that have been designed to deliver a user-friendly experience together with easy ways to manage and monitor your TT Lock App.

Notable Features of the TT Lock App

No. 1: Generate and Send Passwords

With the TT Lock App it’s become easier and more intuitive to share access. With Shared Smart Access you can generate and then share a password with any person you choose.

No. 2: Send eKey

The eKey can be shared with any person you choose when you use this function. Now you can safely share access permissions. All you need to do is select the ‘Send eKey’ option, then choose the type of eKey you wish to share. There are options the user can choose, like ‘Permanent’ and ‘Timed’, which is how time limits are set for eKeys.

No. 3: Choose Your Password

With this function you get to choose the type of password you want. You will notice there are a range of options to select from, like fixed and timed, to recurring passwords that only activate when in a fixed mode and during a specific period of time.

No. 4: Record All Activity

This function allows you to determine when the smart lock was opened, who opened it, and the specific method used by the person to unlock it. These notifications mean you can continuously monitor all activity of the smart door lock.

By remotely managing your digital door locks with the TT Lock App you can easily monitor the safety of your home and other property. You’ll also receive mobile phone notifications detailing all activity on your TT Lock App.

No. 5: Share and/or Transfer Admin

Using this function on the TT Lock App allows you to transfer admin rights to whomever you choose. There’s also another option you can use called ‘Share Admin’ which allows you to share admin rights with another person of your choice.

No. 6: Modify Your Password

With this option you can change the time period allocated to a specific type of password. You would only select this option if you wanted to alter the time-related conditions of access shared by password.

In Conclusion

Once the user becomes proficient in the many functions offered in the TT Lock App they’ll find it very easy to operate and manage all locks.

If you have not already downloaded the TT Lock App, please do so right now. You’ll be so glad you did because it allows you to use your smart lock to its full potential.

If you’re interested in purchasing a smart door lock, please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa on 0086 13380898185 (What’s app) today. Don’t Delay! Protect your family and your property with a smart door lock.








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