Electromagnetic Locks and How They Work

Electromagnetic Lock

What Is An Electromagnetic Lock?

Also known as an EM Lock or magnetic lock, an Electromagnetic Lock is a locking device that stops a door from opening without correct access credentials. An EM Lock can pair with a switch to remotely release the lock, or credential accessories can approve access at the door. This type of lock has many uses in access control applications, especially with –

  • Electronic glass doors that control access,
  • Fire doors, openings, and emergency exits with a controlled exit,
  • Single, standalone doors, and
  • Doors requiring an inexpensive and/or basic level of access control.

An Electromagnetic Door Lock consists of an electromagnetic core, which is a laminated steel-core enclosed by hundreds of fine copper wire turns, and an armature plate, which is a carbon-free steel plate. Widely considered extremely reliable and one of the most secure locks for your property, Electromagnetic Locks are quick and easy to install. This is a flexible solution that easily fits the access procedures of retrofit or new security situations.

The two main types of electric locking devices are –

No. 1: Fail Safe: When de-energized, a fail-safe locking device becomes unlocked. Because this type of lock requires power to stay locked, it’s not typically used in high-security situations, simply because breaking the power supply disables the lock. For this reason, the combination of a magnetic bond sensor with a power supply and battery backup capabilities makes the lock secure enough to allow implementation in certain applications.

No. 2: Fail Secure: When power fails, a fail-secure locking device will stay locked.


The electromagnetic part of the lock attaches to the door frame and the armature plate attaches to the door. When a current passes through the electromagnet, it attracts the armature plate, effectively holding the door in lock position. Electromagnetic Door Locks require constant power because they have no interconnecting mechanical parts. The two parts of the lock are only in contact when the door closes.


Applications for Electromagnetic Locks

Electromagnetic Locks are especially suited for emergency exit doors with fire safety applications. The reason is that they have no moving parts and, when compared to electric strikes and other locks, they’re unlikely to fail.

When we compare Electromagnetic Locks with conventional door locks, the EM Lock comes out on top. In addition, EM Locks cost less to operate because there’s no interaction with doorknobs or handles on a door. The EM Lock has a separate release button, which should mount near the door to cut power to the lock. The release button has a timer which, when pressed, ensures the door remains unlocked for between 15 and 30 seconds.

Describing an Electromagnetic Lock

An Electromagnetic Lock is a locking device whereby electromagnetism controls the locking mechanism. Its electric current produces the magnetic force. Due to their improved strength, doors can withstand extreme pressure and remain locked. Only the confirmed access method for opening the door will apply. Due to their great electromagnetic force, which is enough to prevent the opening of doors, Electromagnetic Locks make ideal security locks.

How Does An Electromagnetic Lock Work?

An Electromagnetic Door Lock uses powerful magnetic force to hold gates closed or locked together. The only way to release them is to cut power to the magnetic lock. One of the advantages of this type of lock is that there’s nothing to break and there are no moving parts to jam up or get stuck. While Electromagnetic Locks are suitable for any type of electric swing gate, they are not suitable for solar gates.

Because Electromagnetic Locks need power to stay locked, they’re virtually fail-safe, thus making them ideal for use in emergency exits.

Applications for Electromagnetic Locks

For both reliability and security, Electromagnetic Locks work effectively in commercial buildings, big hotels, and residential blocks. They’re also quick and easy to install.

Buying Electromagnetic Locks

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