Tuya Smart Digital Lock ES237F Help

Smart Camera TUYA WIFI Fingerprint Door Lock ES237F

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


  • How many unlock mode does Tuya smart digital lock ES237F have?

      Tuya APP + fingerprint + card + password + key

  • How can I installElock Security Tuya smart digital lock ES237F?

  • How can I make Tuyasmart APP configuration with Elock Security Elock Security Tuya smart digital lock ES237F?

  • Search“Smart life” in App Store or an App market, download and install it.

  • Register with your cellphone number and log in.

  • Click “Security &Sensor”, find “Lock(Wi-Fi)”, click and add a device following instructions before use.

  • Remote unlocking: wake up the screen and press”“.There will be a voice prompt: requesting remote unlocking



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