Why must you buy a smart door lock? 

Best Full Automatic Fingerprint Door Lock with Hidden Fingerprint Collector ES220F

Are you looking for a smart door lock? Try using Elock Security as it is one of the most used brands in China and is prevalent. 

Smart door locks 

We will show you some of the smart door locks available with excessive features, and you will instantly want to install them on your premises. However, Elock Security tends to provide the best class and quality for a smart door lock because it is loaded with advantageous features. 

Anti-panic features 

One of the most valuable features of this smart door lock is that it comes with advanced technology, which allows anti-panic opening. The anti-panic opening feature helps to quickly open the door from inside whenever you want to rush off. We believe that this added feature turns out to be a lifesaver for your friends and family. 

Why we trust Elock Security 

Elock Security has created a name in the industry due to its responsive and valuable features. These features are centered on fingerprint readers, card access, and the use of mobile apps. 

Find out some impressive features of Elock Security smart door lock! 

Smartphone app 

The smart door lock is connected with a mobile application that helps you depict the door’s status. In addition, the app helps to give various features, including a one-time permission key for visitors and other valuable options you could utilize. 

Open doors remotely 

The most impressive feature about this smart door lock is that you can remotely open the door using a single button. Yes, your app can do it for you! These door locks are lovely because they offer the features everyone would love to use! 

Real-time status check 

Another great feature this smart door lock offers is a real-time status check. So you can evaluate the status of your door without staying there. Not only this, you can understand the heating issues, battery condition, and forced door opening using the real-time status check. 

Generating a pin code 

The best thing about these smart door locks is that you can generate a pin that would help you enter your friends and family quickly. It is a masterpiece of perfection and convenience you would never want to miss. 

However, the pin code would be automatically deleted once you have used it! What else could you ask for in a smart door lock? Try it out because it is worth the hype! 

Intruder alert! 

Well, as the smart door lock allows you to set a pin, it also helps you notify in an emergency. However, the smart door lock also comes with IR sensors that detect any suspicious activity. You will also get a warning siren if the sensor notices suspicious movement. 

Alarm system 

One of the best things about this smart door lock is that it comes with an alarm system. However, the alarm system would also allow you to protect your house from thieves. Yes, the alarm system rings profoundly if it detects a thief. So, it is a perfect combination of security and peace. 

Emergency power supply 

The smart door lock also comes with an emergency power supply option, which helps you plug in a USB and connect the door immediately. It would allow if you also authenticated your fingerprint here, and you would get access easily. 

Activate a silence mode 

You can also activate a silence mode and sleep peacefully if you don’t like noise and alarms. You can also change the tones or adjust the volume according to your preference. 

Low battery alarms 

The smart door lock allows you to understand low battery levels so that you can replace the batteries and enjoy a tremendous smart door lock experience. We believe that using the smart door lock would make your lives easier, and you would notice exquisite security within your home. 

Want to know different access features of smart door locks by Elock Security? 

Here are some of the different access features of smart door locks so that you can make a wise decision before you buy this product! Well, Elock Security smart locks are a masterpiece that combines different features and functionalities. The smart door lock is exclusively designed to give the best security features one would ask for! It is one of the most versatile brands in china. 

It comes with different built-in features, including fingerprint detection and different unlocking features, including Bluetooth unlocking. 

A fingerprint is your natural key! 

Your fingerprint can easily access smart door locks as it is your natural key. The best thing is that the door lock is hassle-free as there is no need to remember the password. You would enjoy the ultimate experience with these locks. 

What’s interesting is that the fingerprint sensor is not affected with the help of temperature or moisture. 

Unlock your door using Bluetooth 

The smart door lock also comes with Bluetooth activation, and you can open the door via Bluetooth. So you can simply transmit the signals and open the door quickly. However, the smart door lock is easy to use, and anyone can get this lock installed for better security. 

RFID tag 

You can also use an RFID tag by swiping the card through the card reader as soon as the card has been recognized by the door instantly. 

Enter the pin 

Not only this, you can use a pin and open the smart door lock. However, you can choose which unlocking method works best for you, and you are ready to get the best security. 

Use wifi for convenience. 

You can also use wifi to increase the convenience of these smart door locks. For example, you can simply connect the smart door lock with wifi and give voice commands over google to open the door. This way, the guests and other members can easily enter without opening the door. 

Design features in Elock Security 

Push and pull door features 

The smart door lock comes with a push and pulls feature, allowing you to have a noiseless door opening experience. 

Connect it with a smartphone 

Connecting your lock with a smartphone acts as a bell. You will also get a notification if your guest arrives. It is a convenient way to communicate with your guests without receiving them. The best thing is that you can also assign your guests a customized pin so they can enter your house without any disturbance. 


These are some of the most exciting features of the smart door locks that you can avail of if you buy these locks. However, each model has different upgrades and more added perks that you enjoy! If you are looking for security, then your search ends here. However, we believe you would fall in love with the experience and features of this smart door lock!

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